A compilation of testimonials, gathered from an independent source.

  • by 'Tom' Jul 15,2016

    The Rivershill guys were brilliant during our tenancy. They were quick to reply and deal with any issue that came about. They were considerate and very professional, I would definitely be inclined to use their sevices again and would certainly recommend them to all of my friends in Manchester looking for a letting agency.

  • by 'Jonathan Thackeray' Jul 08,2016

    From 2003 until January 2016 (when I put the house up for sale), I have used Rivershill as the letting agency for my property in South Manchester. I have always been pleased with the friendly, straight-forward and efficient service that they have provided; they have also always alerted me of any repairs needed or upgrading that would make the property fit for purpose. I would like to thank Mike and his team for their work on my behalf.

  • by 'Abi' Jun 28,2016

    I can't speak highly enough about Rivershill; Phil and Mike have been fantastic throughout our tenancy. Right from the beginning when I wasn't sure which key to use, how to use the appliances etc. or if there were any problems throughout the tenancy, they were always happy to help over the phone or very quick to have someone round to take a look. A wonderful flat, and with a fantastic agency, I couldn't have asked for more.

  • by 'Parkwood Developments' Jun 23,2016

    Rivershill are a small, personal outfit who operate to the highest professional standards. Being small (2 persons), both landlords and tenants appreciate knowing the person at the end of the phone. Highly recommended !

  • by 'Natasa and Vedran' Jun 13,2016

    We had been staying in a property managed by Rivershill for almost 4 years and are exceptionally happy with the straightforward, friendly and professional assistance and prompt help with every issue and repair we had through that time. For example, when the storage heater broke down, they had a team of electricians to our flat in no time, and the new one was installed without any questions. The same with any other issue we reported, after a phone call it was dealt with on the same day, or within a day or two, with always asking for our preference about the time of the maintenance visit, and saying who the person coming to the flat would be. When we first moved to Manchester, we got all the information we needed about utilities (having been new to the UK, this was a great help), and on moving out, we got all the information about reclaiming the deposit and what else to do - all very straightforward and hassle-free. We were moving quite unexpectedly but Rivershill have handled that with grace and efficiency. If Mike and Phill managed flats in the area we have moved to, we would definitely be staying with them as a service so reliable and efficient is very difficult to find. We highly recommend them.

  • by 'Jules' May 22,2016

    A very personable and genuine approach. Agent was very flexible and understandable when my plans changed. I would certainly recommend.

  • by 'Rob Shepley' Mar 14,2016

    I've been letting my property through Rivershill since 2003 and am very happy to recommend Mike and the team. There have been hardly any periods where the flat has been vacant and all the tenants introduced by Rivershill have been long term home makes who look after the property, which is great. I recently saw photographs of the interior and I can honestly say it looks as good as it did 12 years ago, and that's largely due to the quality of the tenants Mike has signed up, and also the diligence of the team when maintenance is required. Highly recommended!

  • by 'John and Sarah' Feb 11,2016

    Have used Rivershill for the last 15 years to find Tennant's for us and Mike and Phil have always been great, as have our Tennant's. We never have to wait long for them to find the right tennants.

  • by 'Selena & Luke' Jan 28,2016

    Having been with Rivershill as our agent since 2011 and it is now the fifth year with them! The long loyalty from us speaks it all. This is the best agent we'd ever had in our life! We began renting from them with a studio when got married, then moved to a 2bed flat after our first child was born and then in a lovely semi-detached house. Mike and Phil have been super helpful whenever we emailed/phoned them with questions and requests. They responded quickly and solved problems immediately by sending truly reliable guys. Mike and Phil are not only our best agents but the sincere friendship they have given us is what we feel really grateful! We're truly thankful that on the journey we established our own family, Rivershill provided us the idealist houses we need. We have recommended them to many of our friends and they are all very happy with the house and the service!

  • by 'Sian' Sep 16,2015

    I have been using Mike at Rivershill for the past 4 years and his management of my flat has been excellent. He replies to queries immediately and is prompt and efficient with issues and repairs. I have had complete peace of mind using his service and would recommend him to anyone going into the land lord market. Great job, great agent.

  • by 'Andy R' Jun 23,2015

    We were at a 2 bed flat in a large converted Victorian house managed by Rivershill for 3.5yrs. We have found them to be responsive and helpful with any problems we had. For example the washing machine broke and they had a handyman and a replacement to us within a few days, no questions asked. The same with the oven. They were easy to get hold of, and always willing to get someone round to take a look at a problem with 24hrs normally. They also returned our deposit promptly and without any hidden charges. Would definitely recommend to others.

  • by 'Steph Swain' Jun 21,2015

    Rivershill were my letting agents for two years and I can honestly say thay are the best letting agents I have ever been with (and I have rented a fair few properties). I in fact went back to Rivershill after renting from other agents because they where so good the first time. This never changed and when returning back to them, they made the process of moving house very easy and were always there to help us if we ever needed them. Very friendly and professional service that has never let me down. Hoping to rent from them again in the future. I would recommend Rivershill to anyone who wants a great service.

  • by 'mattcooper' Aug 12,2016

    Great company and guys! Very happy to help and very quick to solve problems that occurred around the flat. Also very understanding when my rent direct debit lapsed without me realising.

  • by 'James' Jul 20,2016

    These guys have been great - quick to reply to emails, quick to solve minor problems, and always lovely to drop in on for a chat too! Would thoroughly recommend them.

  • by 'Liz' 14/4/2014

    Rivershill have acted as my agents for over 15 years. I have always received exceptional service from the team. What I particularly value is their experience of the local market. They advertise effectively, they quote a fair price for rental (as well as maintenance work) and they care about the arrangement working for all parties. Interviewing prospective tenants is thorough and sensible, dealing with issues that arise is a strong point in that they consider possible action, consult as required and get the issue resolved quickly. My only criticism is that they are in the process of moving from paper to electronic statements and there are occasional delays. However, a quick email and they arrive in my inbox next day, which is fine.

  • by 'Les Rue' 14/4/2014

    My thanks to Mike and Phil who managed my property over many years, sometimes through my very difficult personal circumstances, and who were always available for consultation and advice. I always felt my property was in good hands and I don't think, through their vetting, I had a bad tenant in all the years they were my property managers. In the end I valued them as friends as well as agents.

  • by 'Mr P Wetton' 7/4/2014

    I have used Rivershill as a landlord for the last 12 years to find tenants for my flats. I find that they take great care when selecting prospective tenants and are very particular about references. As a result I have had many successful tenants over the years. Both Mike and Phil are very professional and are very helpful when advising me how to prepare the properties for letting. I am very happy to recommend their great service.

  • by 'Rebecca' 7/4/2014

    My boyfriend and I have been renting a flat through Rivershill for five months and in this short space of time we have found both Phil and Mike to be really friendly and professional. They have quickly resolved any issues that we have had and kept us up to date at all times. From our initial property viewings and throughout the process of securing the flat and moving in they have both been helpful and accommodating; having dealt with unprofessional landlords and estate agents in the past we have found Phil and Mike to be a breath of fresh air. Genuinely nice people, good service and very professional. We highly recommend Rivershill Ltd.

  • by 'Ian Henderson' 7/4/2014

    I have been dealing with Mike & Phil at Rivershill for 7 years & will continue to do so. I would happily recommend them to other landlords. One of the things that makes them stand out from other Letting Agencies is the level of vetting & research they do in order to secure good, reliable & long term tenants. Other agencies may promise to have someone renting within a day or two but Mike & Phil find the right people for the right properties so that both landlord & tenant are well suited - they let the properties as if they were their own, showing a great deal of care & attention. They take the hassle out of being a landlord!

  • by 'Paul Gibson' 31/3/2014

    found the estate agent to be friendly, efficient and provide an excellent service. I recommend them without any hesitation.

  • by 'David Barnes' 28/3/2014

    I rented a flat in chorlton from Rivershill ltd. The flat was fantastic and the service I got from mike at rivershill was very very good. He looked after me and made me feel very welcome. He showed me the flat was spot on time that I liked a lot as quite a lot of letting agencys keep you waiting, Mike did not. The service I got from Rivershill afterwards was stop on, any probs I had was sorted straight away. They never bothered me one bit. And when I was leaving the staff was very friendly and all the service I got from them from start to finish was fantastic. I would get a another flat from them anytime.

  • by 'S Basu' 15/3/2014

    I had rented a flat from Rivershill in Sale area. The team of Mike and Phil have been thorough professionals in their dealings. Be it the viewing or contract or periodic maintenance of the property or arranging for repairs whenever required. They are always available for sorting out any issues and have always taken good care of the property. I hardly remember having any issues with the property. I will definitely rent from them again and recommend their services for my friends and family without even thinking twice.

  • by 'Ammar B' 6/3/2014

    My wife and I have been dealing with Mike since 1999. During these 15 years Rivershill has managed our two properties in Fallowfield and Ladybarn in Manchester. I have never dealt before with an agent who manages his customers' properties as if they are his own (like Mike does with our properties ) It is because of Mike and Philip and their excellent service that we have carried on owning these two properties despite us moving down south. In fact they are also the reason why we are now considering coming back to the Buy to let market. They are both a delight to work with. If required, Mike is happy to spend all the time in the world with his customers (both landlords and tenants). He is always there to share his experience and knowledge and to give valuable & free advise. He always update us on the new legislation and regulations to ensure our properties conform with these regulations. His charges are very reasonable, considering the effort he puts in and the service he gives. The rent prices are also reasonable to ensure full occupancy. I think we once had a tenant that rented one of our properties for 4-5 years. We have so much trust in Mike and his team that we never question the repairs or renovation carried out on our behalf as we have found them to be reasonable and farely priced. He strives to keep our properties in ship shape to deliver maximum comfort for our customers with minimum cost to us In short, they are both a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to carry on using their service

  • by 'Alistair' 10/2/2014

    Rivershill have been finding me tenants for 6 years. Mike and Phillip have always been extremely thorough in their approach, have checked prospective tenants carefully and made wise judgments based on experience. As a result, I have never had any problems with any tenants they have referred to me. They are also extremely courteous and helpful, giving me words of advice when appropriate. I couldn't ask for a better agent. I should add that all my properties are maintained to meticulous standards, and I deal with all repairs immediately. I only let out my properties in a condition where I would be happy to live in them myself.

  • by 'Paul T' 10/2/2014

    I have had two flats rented out in the Didsbury & Heaton Mersey areas with Rivershill Ltd for more than 15 years and have found them to be excellent and reliable letting agents, great to deal with and charging very reasonable rates. They have always been prompt to deal with any queries from the tenants - one flat has been rented to the same couple for over 10 years! Mike especially is great to deal with, in fact on the rare occasions we hear from him with a problem, he and his maintenance team already have a solution in hand and its really just a courtesy call. As a landlord, that's exactly what you want. The second flat also has long stay occupants and rarely has more than a one week gap whenever there is a change over and we've Never Ever had a bad tenant. You won't get better service in this area. Excellent.

  • by 'G. Murdock' 10/2/2014

    We have been a tenant with this agency for several years. Our first meeting was very pleasant and reassuring. Ever since, the staff has always been very helpful. Whenever we needed something repaired or a new appliance in the kitchen for example, it was done very quickly and efficiently. Our phone calls and emails have been answered more or less straightaway and they always apologised when there was a slight delay. We would recommend this agency without hesitation.

  • by 'Roberto Schott' 27/1/2014

    Overall, my experience with Rivershill was excellent. I rented a flat for my wife and myself for 1 year and 3 months. During that time we were treated really well by the agents. They were very helpful and kind from the moment of signing the contract to the day we left the property. Handymen were responsible and always responded to our needs and requests on time. The property itself was old but everything was functional and in good shape. We had to have one of the electrical heaters replaced since it was malfunctioning and we were given a portable heater while the new one was being installed, which shows great care on part of the letting agency. I'm very satisfied with Rivershill and with how all the process of letting a flat, being foreign in a country such as England, was hassle-free. I'm grateful and would not hesitate to recommend and contact them again if I return to the UK.

  • by '3 year tennant' 26/11/2013

    I have rented a number of properties with Rivershill in the West Didsbury and Withington area. In my opinion they have been great to deal with (in comparison with some other national 'chain' agencies in the Manchester area they have exceeded all expectations and continued to provide a personal and friendly service). They are flexible and professional, adapting to the needs of the client. I have moved three times with them and have continued to recommend them to others. If there has been any maintenance issues to deal with they have responded quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption. I have trusted them to show future tenants around my flat when I have been out and in return they have been considerate. The latter is an salient characteristic of this 'local' agency, a quality larger more impersonal franchises fail to adhere to. If I was to continue renting I would stay with this agency and can, from my personal experience, highly recommend them.

  • by 'Maurice Hodgson' 29/4/2014

    Rivershill have been my letting agents for the last two decades during which time they have given me a first class service in every respect. In my experience not all agents are as thoroughly friendly, courteous, efficient and honest to the last penny as Mike and Phil. They have been especially good at selecting the right tenants for my properties and in addition to an agent's usual obligations they have always taken the time to give me excellent advice on all property matters. I unreservedly recommend them for an outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty.

  • by 'Rachel' 27/5/2015

    I scored Rivershill excellent for the following reasons: - prospective tenant care -second to none, considerate of our needs, thorough explanations of all conditions etc, showed us properties very well tailored to the information we provided, arrived on time - agreeing tenancy - as soon as we'd chosen where we wanted to rent and told Rivershill, they were very understanding of our needs for signing etc, easy to meet at their office and sort all details, detailed support throughout again - moving in - couldn't have been easier! Made easy by Rivershill - picking up keys etc all went very smoothly - living - no issues with house at all, we were unsure how to use the alarm system so Rivershill explained as soon as we asked, same with repressurising the boiler - talked through on the phone and sorted! - plenty of forwarning when showing new tenants around (as student house so 1 year lets) - moving out - arranging process - supportive again, quick to respond to emails, going to help with taking final meter readings if necessary, no current worries with deposits etc and clear instructions If I was staying in Manchester next year I would have, without a doubt, continued letting with Rivershill. As I have experienced several previous letting agencies in Manchester I can further vouch that Rivershill's service, in comparison with others as well, is excellent.

  • by 'John Nancollis' 27/3/2015

    We've used Rivershill to manage the letting of our property for the last fifteen years. I've found them to be prompt, efficient, professional and courteous, - in fact anything you could ask of such agents really. Even good value for money. They are prepared to go out of their way to provide the right properties to prospective tenants and the right tenants for the owners who they work for. I've never had a complaint about them from any of the tenants they have found and managed for us, - they clearly find the right ones. I am happy with their dealings with myself and partner which is why I'd not hesitate to recommend them (as I often do) to those seeking accommodation or those seeking managers/agents. Well done guys - keep it up !

  • by 'Harriet' 3/3/2015

    My flat easily rents out, but finding good quality tenants is always tricky. Some agents will get any tenant for your property without doing a proper background check. This can lead to lots of problems, from none payment of rent, complaints from neighbours generally hassle that we can all do without. Rivershill are brilliant at finding the best tenant for your property and ensuring that you get all your need with as little problems as possible. As a Director on the management board of property I rent out, Rivershill services are highly recommend as we get veyr few if any problems from landlords and tenants who use them, in comparison with other agents out there.

  • by 'ND' 17/2/2015

    I have rented two properties over the last 5 years with Rivershill. One was a house share on Burton Road and the other was a 2 bed flat on Oak House. On both occasions I found whenever there was a request for help with the accommodation (providing new mattress, fixing dishwasher, fixing patio door lock) they were very quick to respond. Mike and Phil are both professional, friendly and helpful in their approaches in dealing with tenant queries. They always acted on one phone call and there was never any need to chase any issues. Despite my housemate changing fairly frequently in the second property, they had no problems with the additional administrative burden. I would definitely recommend renting a property from them in the future for anyone thinking of moving to the Manchester area.

  • by 'John Faulkner' 6/2/2015

    Phil and Mike have been finding tenants for my properties for about 10 years. They are by far the best agents I have used in Manchester. Their charges for tenants and landlords are very reasonable. They are polite, efficient, professional and most importantly respectful to prospective tenants. I highly recommend Rivershill to both landlords and tenants.

  • by 'Praveen' 15/12/2014

    I have been uk around 4 years and Riverhill is my 3rd property dealer towhom I dealt with. I found both (Mike, Philip) very helpful whenever I needed. They are excellent in service with less fee compare to others agents. my wife also appreciate their behaviour and excellent service 10 out of 10

  • by 'J & J Tilling' 7/11/2014

    As landlords, we were able to rely completely on Mike for securing good tenants. His sound practical advice and his arranging for economical yet good maintenance gave us great peace of mind. Rivershill's totally professional approach to lettings is to be commended.

  • by 'Ellen' 14/10/2014

    I have dealt with this agent over a period of more than ten years. I particularly like to deal with Phil and Mike as they have a real talent in finding the RIGHT tenant for a particular property. I have also had sound advice from them during a tenancy when issues have cropped up. I have used various Agents in the past but would not consider another Agent to handle my property now. They keep you updated throughout the process and are always easy to contact and always do exactly what they say they will do. They are both very approachable and help in any way they can. This first class service makes what can be a stressful process very smooth and straightforward. All this and the most reasonable rates in the area - a Landlord or tenant cannot ask for anything more!

  • by 'Peter' 12/10/2014

    I rent out a couple of flats in the Stockport area and have been using Rivershill for many years to find tenants. They have never failed to locate a suitable tenant for me whenever I have a vacancy and both Phil and Mike have always been extremely helpful, effective and knowledgeable. I would recommend the firm without hesitation.

  • by 'James' 7/10/2014

    Rivershill are a breath of fresh air. My previous dealings with letting agents have been painful to say the least, so my initial dealings with Rivershill were a pleasant surprise. My queries were handled quickly, and the information I got back was detailed and often far more than I had requested, anticipating many of my subsequent questions. After moving in and paying my fees (the point at which I find most letting agencies suddenly lose any ability to answer even the most basic queries), I found no change whatsoever in the approach Rivershill took to managing my tenancy, no matter which staff member I spoke to. They were always courteous, efficient and professional. Any queries were answered quickly (usually same or next day) and in the entire duration of the tenancy (3 years) the average time to service a maintenance request was approximately 2 days. I think the longest time I had to wait was 5 working days, and I received an apologetic phone call from Phil explaining that they were having trouble getting hold of the engineer but that they would keep me updated and resolve the issue as fast as possible. True to their word, I received updated information as it became available and was told exactly when the engineer would be attending. I moved flat halfway through my tenancy (my choice) and Rivershill were extremely accommodating in their requirements for switching keys and taking meter readings etc. which made the whole moving process much easier. On moving out, Rivershill provided a comprehensive information pack on how to reclaim my deposit, and even helped me get in contact with the landlord directly to iron out a few details - I feel this was going above and beyond their responsibilities, especially as I was no longer a tenant. In summary, I feel that the thing that sets Rivershill apart from other letting agents is the personal touch. Phil and Mike both endeavoured to remember my name, my address and my previous circumstances. They worked hard to resolve issues quickly for me, always keeping in mind my preferences for maintenance visits etc. and always kept me in the loop. I only wish they managed flats in the area I have since moved to. I cannot recommend their service highly enough and will definitely be using them again should I move back to the area!

  • by 'S. Hynes' 22/9/2014

    As a landlady I have always found mr. Connell and mr. Schofield to be very professional in their business dealings. Every request has been adhered to and they have carried out requests without delay and hesitation. I wish every letting agent had their commitment. I have no hesitation in recommending them. They have looked after my properties for over 15 years.

  • by 'Charlotte' 21/9/2014

    We've rented in South Manchester with numerous different property companies for over a decade but Mike and Philip at Rivershill are easily the best landlords we have dealt with. One of the best things was how easy and straightforward to moving in process was - they are not one of these companies that charges all sorts of mysterious and extortionate fees and they are very approachable and easy to work with. We really enjoyed living in the house, which was one of the best value properties in the West Didsbury area. If we needed anything fixing then it happened quickly and to a great standard and the moving out process was swift and efficient. I highly recommend Rivershill - South Manchester (and Didsbury in particular) is a tough and expensive rental market and it is rare to find a company that is so reliable, approachable and a pleasure to work with.

  • by 'J E T' 2/9/2014

    Philip and Mike have always been courteous and helpful. They do what they say they will do without the need for chasing and prompting, which is important when life is busy - and their advice has always been sound.

  • by 'Dave' 2/9/2014

    I rented an apartment with Rivershill (via Mike) from 2006 to August 2014. In all that time, I never had to contact Mike (or Phil) more than once if I had any problems. They always had someone round almost immediately to look at any issues I reported (with Fridge, washing machine, boiler etc). They fully replaced the boiler and washing machine without any hesitation when this was required. Both Mike & Phil are thoroughly professional, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

  • by 'Manchester92' 4/8/2014

    I've been living in a property managed by Rivershill for just under a year and I am extremely impressed with the service I have received. Signing up for the property was made an easy and stress-free process considering the time restraint I had as I was starting a new job. Both Mike and Phil are very quick to respond to any problem I might have with the property and are always friendly and polite. The communication is great and the flat is brill too.

  • by 'Andy' 21/7/2014

    I dealt with both Mike and Philip when I moved to Manchester and was very pleased with their service. They were both very professional and straightforward to deal with and very helpful whenever I needed to speak to them. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • by 'Barbara' 21/7/2014

    I have found Rivershill really helpful. Mike was recommended by a friend of mine who has properties. I went to see Mike before I bought my property - I didn't know him at all until then - and he spend a long time looking at houses for sale online and advising me about what to buy and where to buy it and why. I was rather unsure about all this so it was great that he took so much trouble over it all. After I had bought the house he advised on renovations. Once the place was ready, he let it immediately for an appropriate rent, which I am very happy with, and he has taken all the fuss out of it for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Rivershill to a landlord or landlady. I also met Philip a few times, and found him very helpful too, although it was mostly Mike I talked to.

  • by 'R smillie' 7/7/2014

    Been a tenant of different properties for over 6 years. Always helpful and courteous and took time to ensure I was happy with property. Thoroughly recommend.

  • by 'Lizzie' 25/6/2014

    had Rivershill Ltd as agents for three years previously, and am about to rent another property with this firm. I have never had such fantastic housing agents and am very pleased to be renting with them again. The contract process was very smooth and as a first time renter, they were so helpful and pleasant, it made me feel very at ease. This time round, they have been just as helpful and great to communicate with. If there are any maintenance problems I often found the problem was fixed that very same day, if not, definitely by the next day. The agents also always keep you up to date with any issues or delays. The very fist time something broke, Mike even showed up with the maintenance man to introduce him to me and make sure I was comfortable as a young, single woman. You do not find that level of concern for tenants from anyone else. As an example of how fast things are fixed; a shower broke during a bank holiday Saturday and was fixed within two hours. As agents, Mike and Phil are always very friendly and professional and really do go the extra mile to deliver a high and excellent service. The rental price is always very fair and the flat I was in (and the one I have just signed for) are very well maintained to a high standard. I would definitely recommend Rivershill Ltd to anyone looking to rent.

  • by 'Katrina' 24/6/2014

    I found Mike and Philip at Rivershill to be a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. I was nervous when I was first searching for flats as I had never rented a flat privately or lived on my own before but they really put my mind at ease and helped me a lot with all of my queries. The flat that I lived in was beautiful and I never had problems with maintenance or with anything else. Mike and Philip really treat customers as individuals and have always been very helpful. I have already recommended their agency to friends and family members and I will use them again when I am next searching for rental properties in the Manchester area.

  • by 'Angela' 13/5/2014

    I have been a tenant with Rivershill for over ten years and have been happy with the service I have received. Mike and Paddy are pleasant to deal with and repairs and maintenance have been arranged quickly and efficiently.

  • by 'Norah Harnden' 9/5/2014

    I have dealt with Mike Connell & Philip Schofield since 2002 they manage a property for me. They have found me suitable tenants do all the paper work nothing is to much trouble for them. If any repairs are needed they arrange for the work tobe carried. I have recommended them to my friends.

  • by 'mike mchale' 30/4/2014

    As a landlord with other properties in the area I looked and found a very helpful and experienced Agent who has guided me and my young daughter in finding suitable tenants for our property. They did all the references and then handled the contracts for the tenants and ourselves. They insisted all jobs and cleaning where done for the tenants to have a happy and smooth moving in period. Nothing was too much trouble with both Mike and Phil always ready to give advice at any point to all concerned in a very professional manner. We will certainly recommend Rivershill to help finding suitable tenants and even recommend tenants to give them a call as they only deal with good quality properties. Thanks Rivershill for all your help

  • by 'Donna' 28/4/2014

    We have been using Rivershill Ltd as a letting agent for the past 12 years. We have had a few issues with the Freeholder's Agent and without Rivershill's help and advice we would have had to pay considerable compensation to rectify some damages our tenants caused. They went the extra mile to help us.

  • by 'cleary' 28/4/2014

    I used this agency when i first came here to live in England. i found them to be extremely helpful, respectful and cooperative at all times. They provide an outstanding service!!!

  • by 'Tintern Court' 17/4/2014

    I have used Rivershill to advertise for tenants for nearly 12 years now. Mike & Philip know the type of tenant that's best suited & directed to look at my property . So there is no time wasted for prospective tenants viewing property that they aren't interested in & for me as a replacement tenant is secured on initial viewings.