Frequently Asked Questions
Before viewing we ask all our customers to fill in a registration form. This form asks for basic details, name, occupation, contact details, property requirements and also explains our fee. The quickest way to arrange a viewing is to complete a registration form and return it to our office by fax or email. Viewing times are during our office hours and can include early evenings and Saturday as well.
Costs :
  1. Deposit of normally 5 weeks rent.
  2. 1st months rent.

Deposit + 1st months rent = Total Cost to move in.
For example a flat @ £450 per month:
deposit = £519.23, 1st months rent = £450, total cost = £969.23
  1. Cancel your standing order after paying your last months rent.
  2. Clean the property.
  3. Return all keys.
  4. Finalise utility bills:
    1. Gas/Electric - On your move out day take meter readings & contact your suppliers asking them to send you a final bill to the correct dates and meter readings. This final bill should be sent to your NEW address. The same applies to water if you have a water meter.
    2. Water/Council tax - You need to contact the suppliers and give them details of your move out date and ask them to send you a final bill closing the account to the correct date.

Once you have copies of all final bills, please send them to our office and confirm the address where you would like the deposit returned to. If you would like to collect the cheque from our office please check with a member of staff.
See a complete list of our fees for tenants here

and a listing of landlord fees here

It is important to ensure that new accounts are set up in your name for Council Tax, Water Rates, Gas and Electric bills. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THIS IS DONE. Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you are responsible for these bills from the start of your tenancy.

Useful Telephone Numbers:
  • Manchester Council Tax Dept. - 0845 940 0560
  • Stockport Council Tax Dept. - 0845 644 4302
  • Trafford Council Tax Dept. - 0161 912 2220
  • United Utilities (Water) - 0845 746 1100
  • British Gas - 08457 888 400
  • Powergen - 0800 015 2029
  • N-Power - 0845 790 6050
  • Scottish Power Manweb - 0845 272 7111
  • Southern Electric - 0845 744 4555
  • Good Energy - 0845 601 1410

To check the name of your supplier and meter reference number, use the following telephone numbers and quote your postcode and house/flat number;

  • NPAS - (Electricity) - 0870 751 0093
  • TRANSCO - (Gas) - 0870 608 1524

Meters To be Read:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water

NB: Big Utility Companies can be very difficult to deal with. For example, you phone them, they say they will do X or Y, then nothing happens. You ring back and they have no record of your call or meter readings etc. We would advise that you write down who you spoke to, which department and the date and time. This will help a great deal if you run into problems.